NFL Visa promotion proves there’s money in Social Media.

Visa’s current promotion with Twitter and the NFL ( to create an interactive on-line community tied to Super Bowl XVL shows just how Social Media can be a significant piece of a sponsor’s activation plan.  It also indicates there are definitely ways to monitize Social Media and this is something sponsors will seek out.  Although we don’t know what Visa is paying for this outside of their massive NFL sponsorship, it is clearly a substantial initiative to support their other football involvement.  It is also impressive to see the NFL support something of this magnitude when they have often lagged behind in the digital space compared to the other  leagues (e.g. MLB, NBA, NHL).  Visa and Twitter are most likely the driving forces behind this, but the NFL had to play ball to make it happen. 

This will place fans, writers, team execs and players all in one place.  It will be fascinating to see the level of participation and engagement.  Recent data shows only 8 to 9% of adults are on Twitter and approximately 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl.  Even a modest percentage of Twitter followers should provide strong visitor numbers and non-Twitter people may also stop by to see what everyone is saying.