It’s Opening Day!

Is there anything better than Opening Day?  Every year I get the chills watching the baseball season begin and it’s not because the fans in NY look like they are freezing their butts off.  It feels like a holiday and maybe it should be.  It’s awesome to see the giant American flag spread across the outfield grass, hear the anthem and player intros followed by the jet flyovers.  I also love seeing fans tough out the cold weather back East and the possible snow out somewhere in the Midwest.  It always makes me wonder why baseball doesn’t load up games in the warm weather cities or roofed stadiums in April.  It will be 80 and sunny here in LA today so my big dilemma is whether to wear shorts or jeans to the Dodger game so I’m not complaining. 

The best part about Opening Day is the sense of hope and optimism it brings.  Even if deep down you know your team is going to stink, you still start today undefeated and tied for first place.  You tell yourself, if they just stay healthy or if this rookie has a breakout year or if this aging veteran squeezes out one more great season, then we might have a chance. 

The season is a marathon, not a sprint.  You never know what’s going to happen.  There is a game to watch pretty much every day for the next six months.  Some critics say baseball is slow or boring, but they obviously don’t get it.  Baseball’s rhythm, intricacies, strategy and pace are what make it so great.  Something amazing can happen at any time like a diving catch, a blast to the upper deck or a two on, two out, 9 pitch at bat strikeout of Robinson Cano by Justin Verlander to keep the game tied at 0-0.  My Tigers look like they have a chance.

 Only 161 more to go………