Sacramento, please keep your Kings!

Does anyone really want the Sacramento Kings to relocate to Anaheim?  Of course this is probably just a negotiating ploy by the Maloofs to leverage Sacramento into getting a new arena as many NFL teams have done using LA as bait.  However, try telling that to Sonics fans in Seattle who still feel snake bitten after losing their team to Oklahoma.  The big difference here is Oklahoma didn’t have a professional sports team whereas LA/Orange County share 9 current pro teams with the NFL most likely to make it 10 at some point.  Not to mention USC and UCLA. 

Sacramento much like Oklahoma doesn’t have anything else in regards to pro sports outside of minor league baseball.  There is no reason the Kings can’t remain there and flourish as in years past.  During the heyday of the Lakers/Kings rivalry, Arco Arena was the loudest and one of the most dreaded places to play for a visiting team.  As with most Lakers fans, there is no love lost on the Sacramento Kings but their fans and the city deserve to keep them. 

Orange County residents know how difficult it can be at times to get to Staples Center in downtown LA to see the Lakers, but are they willing to settle for a second tier team to avoid a little traffic?  If so, let’s just move the Clippers to Anaheim.  Change the name and start off fresh with Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and company as their foundation. 

As it is now, we are already at the point of saturation.  Between LA and Anaheim we have 82 NBA games, 162 MLB games, 82 NHL games, 34 MLS games, 17 WNBA games, 25 USC (football/basketball) and 26 UCLA (football/basketball).   Don’t forget Disneyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain and there is always the beach.  The Anaheim Ducks current attendance is at approximately 85% capacity and they are only a few years removed from winning the Stanley Cup.  Is there really a need for another NBA or any professional franchise in SoCal?  Please let Sacramento keep their Kings.