Top 5 Reasons to love Opening Day

1)      Your team is tied for first place, if only for a day.  You can put last season behind you.  There is hope this could be the year.  Who cares if they are picked to finish in fourth place again?  You never know what’s going to happen….

2)      Giant American flags, fighter jets and fireworks.  Besides the 4th of July, when else do you feel this patriotic?  This year a Stealth Bomber flew over Dodger Stadium following the national anthem sung by Placido Domingo while local police, firefighters and military held the flag spread across the field.   It may be contrived, but it gives me the chills every season.

3)      First pitches – Baseball transcends time when one of your childhood heroes takes the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  Granted they usually look pretty old and ridiculous wearing an oversized jersey hanging out over their slacks, but it gives you one more chance to honor their greatness and relive your fond memories from their playing days.

4)      Ultimate reality TV begins.  After months of the Bachelorette, Top Chef, Real Housewives or whatever other horrible reality show my wife likes to watch, I finally get my own daily show.  For pretty much every day for the next 6 months I can say I’m going to watch the game.  “What game?”  It doesn’t matter…’s pretty safe to say some game is on.  Granted I may need my own TV and DVR somewhere else in the house, but I’m willing to make a sacrifice.  Of course there’s also the Final Four, the Master’s, NBA and NHL playoffs to watch.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but if there is a will there’s a way.

5)      Spring is in the air.  Yes it may be snowing in Detroit or thunderstorms in New York, but you know summer is around the corner.  Barbeques, sunshine, playing catch in the backyard and trips to the ballpark.