Top trends sports execs are watching in digital and social media

This is the time of year we often look into the proverbial crystal ball or should I say “smartphone” for the next big thing on the horizon. Here are the trends sports professionals who work in digital and social media are watching in 2012.

Scott Carlis – Director, Digital Programs for AEG Global Partnerships

  1. Live streaming from Facebook, more content consumption and commerce plays
  2. A-R integrations for mobile with Location-based services for “big” data capture
  3. Continued shift from optimized content renderings on mobile to second-screen companion/social apps for deeper/extended engagement around in-game experiences.
  4. Social TV/ IPTV is about to explode

Dewayne Hankins – Director, Digital Media for the LA Kings

  1. 4G and Live Streaming video: the access, attention and immediacy we can provide to our fans with better data speeds, more advanced mobile devices and shrinking live-streaming equipment is going to be incredible.
  2. Mobile Purchasing: It’s WAY up and we need to create a path of least resistance for fans of our product to purchase our product via mobile device including tickets, merchandise and every other product we offer.
  3. Quenching the thirst of dual-screeners: Attention spans are growing shorter and we need to keep our fans engaged in the game, we can do this by engaging them with the broadcast AND their device. What does that look like? Do we include game mechanics?

Joel Price – Manager, New Media for the SD Chargers

  1. Social TV
  2. Private social networks (Networks limited to close family and friends)
  3. Voice control
  4. Social fatigue (big driver in my #2 trend I’ll be watching)

Bryan Srabian – Director, Social Media for the SF Giants

  1. Gamification
  2. Location Based tied in with Loyalty
  3. Mobile communication with an emphasis on those at the game, around the game – trying to capture fans with smart phones/tablets

Lisa Bregman – Digital Content Manger for the LA Galaxy

  1. Further integration of broadcast with digital/social – i.e. engagement with the TV audience during a live broadcast via social media (Social TV)
  2. Use of location based apps (both games like SCVNGR and check-in type apps like Foursquare)
  3. Increased use of third party applications on Facebook to help increase revenue generation through sponsorship and/or e-commerce. I saw a lot more teams start to use services like Buddy Media this year, and I think we’re only going to see the range of products and services diversify as teams start to figure out how they can monetize their social fan bases.