This week’s highlights from the sports business world:

Super Bowl post mortem – Here are some highlights from SB46

  • #1 watched show of all time breaking last year’s record with 111.3 million viewers
  • Broke the record for live streaming of a sporting event with 2.1 million views although it appeared some browsers like Safari experienced difficulties in the beginning of the game.
  • USA Today’s Ad Meter ranked Doritos “Sling Baby” number 1 followed by Bud Light’s “Weego” at number 2 with Kia’s “a dream car” and Chrysler’s “It’s halftime America” tied for third.  Nielsen meanwhile gave Doritos “sling baby” and “man’s best friend” the top 2 rankings (both utilized user generated content).  4 out of their top 5 ranked ads used dogs or babies.
  • Coke and Acura sites crashed during the game, which seemed to put a damper on the Polar Bears initiative on Facebook.
  • “What’s next?” – Eli’s going to Disneyworld (again).  Ever wonder how Disney cuts these deals, produce the spot and get it on air all within minutes of the game ending?  Disney has representatives on-site with contracts in hand.  They have a short list of players before the game from both teams and as soon as they know the outcome they make it happen.  They don’t do it every year and with every sport, but it’s still pretty impressive each time.

Michigan Stadium to host Winter Classic with Red Wings vs Maple Leafs. – This continues to be a big success for the NHL.  Having over 100,000 fans in attendance will add an interesting twist.  (

Will Ferrell’s NBA intros – This is classic Will Ferrell.  Nice to see both teams are able tolaugh at themselves and remember this is supposed to be fun.  (