Updated: 4/25/12

Last week former MLB All-Star Shawn Green along with co-founder Brendon Kensel announced the launch of a new startup social network designed for athletes and fans named JOCKTALK.  The goal is to create an engaging platform for athletes and fans to communicate with each other via text, pictures and video.  This will also allow athletes to manage and monetize their social media efforts in a controlled environment.  To put it in more simple terms, there will be a designated web-page for each participating athlete where they will post a variety of content which will be seamlessly integrated with Twitter, Facebook and other third party sports publishers.  There will also be a Q & A section for fans to interact directly with the athletes.  In return, the athletes will receive a piece of the sponsor revenue and be able to promote their foundations or other philanthropic efforts.  Fans will be able to create their own profile pages as well.  The Beta launched on April 18 with the iPhone app scheduled for June and the Android version in August.

There are some similarities with WhoSay, which launched in the Fall of 2010.  WhoSay originated from CAA and initially served their roster of actors, but now includes pages for athletes, teams, musicians and more.  WhoSay allows for a customized branded page for each personality, which features an aggregate of their Tweeter feed, pictures, videos and allows fans to leave comments.  It provides a platform for the athlete to control the messaging around their social media efforts, but lacks in the potential engagement with the fans that JOCKTALK promises to offer.

Sports publishers, teams and sponsors are all still looking for ways to leverage and monetize their social media efforts.  There is still no magic bullet, but platforms like JOCKTALK may be one way to help reach the passionate fans who have an insatiable appetite for meaningful interaction with their favorite athletes.