October Madness

Forget about March Madness.  We are now entering the October vortex where a confluence of sporting events wreaks havoc on our lives.  Well maybe I’m being a little overdramatic and maybe it’s just my life, but my calendar just went into overdrive.  The next 30 days will be filled with hours of playoff baseball, college and pro football, the start of the NHL and NBA seasons.  If you live in Southern California like me, then even more time may be spent in the car trying to get back and forth to Dodger Stadium, The Big A in Anaheim, Staples Center and the Rose Bowl.  I’m not complaining.  This is when something amazing might happen and memories are made.  Twenty six years ago on October 15, 1988 I witnessed Kirk Gibson’s miraculous walk off home run while sitting in the Top Deck at Dodger Stadium.  I don’t know if I will ever experience something so incredible again, but the hope is always there. Gibby


So the pursuit this week begins with watching my original hometown team, the Detroit Tigers take on the Orioles midday on Thursday from afar.  Then early pick up at my son’s school on Friday so we can get to Dodger Stadium for a 3:37 first pitch.  With Clayton Kershaw on the mound, I should be able to get home in time to put my son to bed at a decent hour and get to temple for Yom Kippur (the holiest of days in the Jewish calendar).  I’m pretty sure God is a baseball fan so he will understand as long as I make it to the late service and stop eating after sundown.  Then back to Dodger Stadium to break the fast on Saturday night with Dodger Dogs and a Bud Light.  Then Sunday (my birthday) after an early morning (8:15) Fall Ball Little League game, we can watch the Tigers again at noon followed by an afternoon of football.  The next week doesn’t lighten up at all.  The LA Kings begin their title defense and raise their championship banner on Wednesday night at Staples Center.  Then potentially game 5 back at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night.  Saturday it’s off to the Rose Bowl to see the #2 Oregon Ducks take on the #8 UCLA Bruins.  It may be tough to get down to Anaheim for what I hope to be game 1 of the Tigers versus the Angels in the ALCS, but we will find a way.


As you can imagine, by now my wife will definitely want to kill me.  My car will need an oil change and I will have eaten way too many hot dogs for a 41 year old.  Who knows…. We could end up with a Dodgers vs Angels Freeway Series for

me and D at WS

the first time or a Nationals vs Orioles.  My dream is for a Tigers vs Dodgers, which will take us to October 29th if it goes to a game 7.  This of course will lead to another expensive trip to Detroit and probably as many hours driving back to Dodger Stadium.  I wonder if my relatives in Michigan will realize I only visit in October when the Tigers are in the World Series?  In any case, the script is unwritten and I can’t wait to see what happens.  Enjoy…