Life without sports…

By the time this goes out, the sports world will have been on pause for almost a month.  Sports may seem trivial at a time like this when people are out of work, sick or even dying.  However, for many of us sports plays a significant role in our daily lives and life without it creates a giant void.  By my best estimate, it’s 80% of my waking hours between my son’s practices and games, attending games, watching games and highlights on TV along with it being a major part of my job.  It’s true I may be a little one dimensional, but I am who I am.

Sports inspires us, brings us together, serves as a distraction, a reprieve, provides a common bond, something to talk about and share.  This may seem crazy to some, but true for a lot of us.  When this is all over, it will hopefully help bring back a sense of normalcy.  In the meantime, what do we do to fill this void?

TVSince the future is uncertain, we’ve been doing a lot of looking back.  Thankfully the sports networks are doing their part by airing classic games, documentaries and movies.  It’s funny how old some of the footage seems compared to today’s 4K and sophisticated graphics.  My son keeps asking what’s wrong with the picture.  It is still fun to watch even though we may know the outcome.  In my case, I often don’t remember how some of these games ended.  It does bring back a lot of great memories.  

The best part is sharing it with my son.  Kids usually don’t want to hear about the good old days and are focused on what’s in front of them.  Now we can watch some of the all time greats together.  I can show him some of the amazing moments he’s heard me talk about. We can argue who was better, who would beat who and see how the game has changed.lebron-james-michael-jordan_4598953

Our Ping Pong game is going to be off the charts and we are getting a lot of jumpers up on our hoop.  My son is doing some at home Pilates with his mom from Youtube and we are going for family walks when we can.  We feel very fortunate to be together, to have a home and our health so far.  This too shall pass and we will get back to the ballpark, stadium and arena.  We will be playing ball with our friends and cheering together for our beloved teams. For now, hang in there and count your blessings.