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The NBA still owns COOL

As the NBA All-Star weekend came to a close Sunday night one thing stuck in my mind, the NBA still owns “cool”.  When compared to its counterparts at the NFL, MLB and NHL, the NBA is by far the most dialed in to pop culture.  LA playing host certainly added to this year’s All-Star bash, […]

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It’s time to jump on the #Twitter express

For those of you who are already on Twitter this is preaching to the choir.  However, for the vast majority of Americans who are not it is time to join in.  Like many of you, I too felt skeptical about this relatively recent phenomenon and hesitated to participate.  As is often the case with something new […]

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What’s the big deal with a jersey?

For years U.S. professional sports teams have pondered the idea of selling jersey sponsorships.  After reading this article on about a recent Horizon Media study (, I wondered is this really a big deal?  Some industry insiders view this as the last remaining piece of purity within an already cluttered world.  They feel the […]

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The Big Winners of Super Bowl XLV

It’s Monday and like 111 million or so other people, I happened to catch the Super Bowl yesterday.  The numbers from Nielsen show the ratings actually surpassed last year’s record (106.5 million) breaking telecast making SB XLV the most watched TV event of all time.  There is a lot written before, during and after the big game, […]

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NFL Visa promotion proves there’s money in Social Media.

Visa’s current promotion with Twitter and the NFL ( to create an interactive on-line community tied to Super Bowl XVL shows just how Social Media can be a significant piece of a sponsor’s activation plan.  It also indicates there are definitely ways to monitize Social Media and this is something sponsors will seek out.  Although we don’t know what […]

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Is the Super Bowl worth it?

Super Bowl XLV is a few weeks away and the advertising world will once again play a significant role in the biggest TV event of the year.  Over $200 million in ad revenue is on the books for the big game with thirty second spots going for between $2.7 and $3 million each.  Fox will […]

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