Development Training

“I definitely found the workshop worthwhile. Whether you are a rookie in the industry or a veteran, there is always room to grow and improve. We as “salespeople” don’t always stop to see things from the client’s perspective so it was great to get that insight.”

– L.A. Kings, Manager Partnership Sales

88 Marketing offers customized development training for sales and client service people shaped through the lens of the sponsor.

  • Cover all aspects of the sales and service process based on sponsor feedback:
    • What’s the best way to contact companies when prospecting
    • Marketing execs views on proposals, pitches, recaps, renewals, etc.
    • What they are looking for from the properties they partner with
    • What are their pet peeves
  • 88 Marketing will also speak with and provide specific feedback from your team partners
  • Review successful case studies and best practices
  • Examine how to utilize new media to drive revenue
  • Focus on solution and relationship based selling

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Sponsorship sales people, Client Services, Digital Media and support staff

FORMAT: One to two day workshop beginning with a group session followed by one on one meetings with individuals (customized based on specific needs)

CLIENTS: Worked with properties from the NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL and NCAA.

WHY: No matter how good you are, you can always get better.  Learn what marketing decision makers from companies such as State Farm, Verizon, AT&T, Coke and GM think about cold calls, proposals, pitches, client services and more.  Hear what your partners think about your team. Reinvigorate longtime or experienced staff members, provide valuable sales skills for newer salespeople, gain a better understanding of new media and how it will drive revenue and see what others are doing to help foster ideas.

In addition to the workshop, 88 Marketing will continue to serve as an ongoing resource for your staff to help with ideas, offer examples of what other teams/sponsors are doing and provide referrals.

For more information: please contact Jason Klein at 310-319-9124 or